Fruit boycott drive yields results in Karachi, prices fall

A three-day fruit boycott drive kicked off in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi, urging public not to buy fruits on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The drive appears to be yielding early results. Fruit sales in the mega city dipped as citizens’ boycott campaign on social media is meeting success”, reported local daily newspaper The Express Tribune and BBC Urdu.

Karachi residents observed a three-day strike against fruit vendors for overcharging during Ramadan. The effect of the campaign, which began on social media, was quite evident on its first day on Friday, reported several media outlets.

The Old Sabzi Mandi (Vegetable Market) on University Road is usually a crowded market and sees a lot of clogged traffic because of parked cars left behind by customers visiting to buy fresh fruit and vegetables after work, but on Friday afternoon, the market was largely empty.

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“I’ve only had a few customers since morning,” Abdullah Jan, a fruit vendor said. “All I have been doing today is keeping flies off my fruits with my handkerchief.”

Jan was unaware that there was consumer strike because he said he had not had the opportunity to watch TV for the last few days.

Tariq Mirza, who was returning from a nearby mosque after Friday prayer, conceded that prices were lower now, saying earlier a dozen bananas were being sold for Rs160 but on Friday they cost Rs100.

Mirza said he believed such strikes could help but maintained that it was the government’s responsibility to ensure that vendors sold fruit in compliance with the price list.

Fruit vendor Gul Muhammad explained that vendors were only selling at increased prices because they were being charged higher at the wholesale level.

“Everything is overpriced in this country. The public should protest against everything then,” he said.

The situation was similar in various markets throughout the city – only a few people, who may be unaware of the strike, were seen purchasing fruit from vendors.

The boycott launched by social activist Farid Razzaqi has however met with mixed reactions from the public. Some ardently support it.

According to Dunya News, a local TV channel, “Successful #fruitboycott campaign reduces sale by 50pc on day one.” BBC Urdu reported similar trend.

BE2C2 reports the sudden price drop in the metropolis may be a temporary relief, if past trend is an indicator. Purchasing power of affluent Karachiites can absorb the price “shock and awe,” said Anjum who lives in Dastgir Colony – a view held by many BE2C2 rep spoke with in the metropolis of 20 million.

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  • Abdullah Rizwan says:

    Hamesha yahi dekha gaya hay k bari bari garion walay sabzi aur phal waloon say do do rupay kam karwanay ghantoon kharay rehtay hain.
    Magar afsoos inhoon nay kabhee ghareeb ko 100 rupay extra nahi diyay.
    Us wakhth in ki gherath kahan jaati hay?
    aaj is action say ghareeb k ghar ka chola band nahi hoga balkay jalay ga.
    Jab sastay phal khareed k laey ga aur munafa kamaeyga.
    Na k mehngay phal laa k sasta sale karnay say.

    Is mehangaai k khilaf bhar poor saath dain warna kal ALLAH ko jawab dena hooga.

    Jis khom may unity na hoo wo hamesha nakaam rehti hay.
    Aur hamari khom par aaj zillath isi waja say musalath hay k ham may unity naheen.
    Aaj itni zabardasth koshish jisnay bhee ki hay ALLAH us say razi ho.
    Hamay us ka saath dena chahiyay.
    Kabhee Pakistan may aisa koi kaam nahi huwa.
    Aaj shuru huwa hay tu rukawatain itni paida keen jaa raheen hain k iss cheez par takay aainda kaam hi na hoo sakay aisa koi.
    Khudara apni soch ko aik taraf rak kar ghareeb logon ka sochiyay.
    Is fruit ki hartaal say ham par koi fark naheen par sakhta.
    Ham banana 200 rupay bhee hojain lay sakhtay hain magar ghareeb nahi lay sakhta.
    Akhal say sochiyay kionkay yay hartal zulm k khilaf hay mehangai bhee zulm hay aur iskay khikaf kharay hona jihad hay.
    Agay aap samajhdaar hain.

    Abdullah Rizwan 00923332247336

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