Govt. Planning ‘Largest Operation Ever Against Money Laundering’

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ISLAMABAD –Days after a joint investigating team (JIT) submitted its report to the country’s Supreme Court revealing a highly organized white collar crime syndication which laundered as much as Rs54 billion (US$500 million) through as many as 32 fake bank accounts involving hundreds of transactions through front companies and shell outfits, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced his government is going to conduct the largest operation in the country’s history against money laundering.

Referring to the US State Department that, according to the premier, has pointed out laundering of $10 billion annually from Pakistan, the PM said that government is going to begin the largest ever operation against money laundering in the country’s history. This, he added, is the reason that a hue and cry is now being raised in Sindh.

While talking to reporters at the PM House, the premier further said that Pakistan will borrow from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on better terms, but that the government is not in a haste to do so.

He also urged businessmen and investors to seek profitability and not profiteering. “This is what we should opt for to achieve economic stability, sovereignty and self-esteem”.

“We, as a nation, must change our mindset and become a self-reliant nation to prosper economically,” the premier said while addressing a conference on ‘economic diplomacy’ in the capital here.

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The nation must inculcate in itself a mindset of self-reliance, said the premier, urging investors to promote wealth creation and profitability.

In the past, he added, our foreign policy was aimed, not at the betterment of the masses, but to fetch aid and borrow money. “This flawed policy caused our country dearly as it lost its sovereignty and self-esteem.”

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