Grand Democratic Alliance Rejects Results, Demands Re-Polling in Sindh

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AUG 1, 2018: Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) on Tuesday rejected results of July 25 polls and demanded re-elections be conducted in Sindh province, where it said its mandate was stolen.

This demand was made in a high-level meeting presided over by GDA chief Syed Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi Pri Pagara at his residence Kingri House in Karachi.

The meeting was attended by Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Faisal Sabzwari, Aamir Hussain Khan, Sindh United Party (SUP) leaders Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, Syed Zain Shah, former federal minister Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi, Syed Ghaus Ali Shah, former home minister of Sindh Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, Fehmida Mirza, Syed Saddaruddin Shah Rashdi, Rashid Khalid Mehmood Soomro, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi and GDA General Secretary Ayaz Latif Palijo of Qomi Awami Tehreek (QAT).

Pir Pagaro said the whole nation was fooled on a hollow promise that it would get free and fair elections. Why the mandate of GDA was stolen, he asked.

He said if their fight was with Punjab, then why the mandate of Sindhi people was stolen? Before the elections, we had complained multiple times but the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) did not respond to us, he added.

He said the candidates of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) were not given response by Sindhi nation and they themselves were disappointed, but when the result of the elections was announced, the same defeated and discarded PPP candidates were shown securing thousands of votes. He said the elections were fully rigged.

Pagara said the PPP was losing polls but after 6 pm on July 25 the results were changed. He said the planning for this rigging was made for five days before the polls. He also said that they had thought that 2013 polls were fraud, but the general elections of 2018 were a bigger fraud. He said no such sham elections were ever held in Pakistan before this farce.

Pagara said the GDA had supported Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidates in Sindh and will support the party in the future.

He said at least 12 thousand votes of GDA were rejected in different polling stations. “Some leaders are stressing for calling a strike in Sindh, but we have to take any decision in the larger national interest and not for personal interests,’’ he said.

Ghaus Ali Shah said the people of Pakistan have pinned high hopes on Imran Khan, adding that no hurdles should be created in the way of Imran Khan’s government if it can fulfill even 50 per cent of the promises of its leader. He said Imran Khan has to bring back the looted money of Pakistan so that the country could be developed.

Ayaz Latif Palijo said some important decisions were made in the meeting. He said GDA has rejected the 2018 elections and demanded re-election in Sindh province. He said the ECP chairman should resign because he miserably failed to conduct free and fair elections.

He said GDA will hold protests in entire Sindh in front of media houses and press clubs on Friday after Juma prayer.

He warned that if their problems were not addressed, GDA would block all roads in Sindh and give a call for a Sindh-wide strike. In another phase of protest, the GDA would hold a big protest in Karachi and 1 million people from across Sindh will be gathered.

Palijo also said that GDA candidates were defeated under a conspiracy, adding that PPP was facing a defeat in Sindh but GDA’s polling agents were not allowed to enter the polling stations. He said tthe GDA will never accept such an engineered result.

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