Happy Birthday Alamgir– King of Pop music in Pakistan

The king of pop music in Pakistan – Alamgir, celebrates his 62nd Birthday and no one can be happier than his fans in Pakistan and overseas among the Diaspora — he’s settled in the U.S. due to health constraints.

For those who don’t know, Alamgir sang few film songs earlier in his career before turning full throttle to pop singing and inspiring generations of musicians and singers.

Alamgir also sang many patriotic songs on TV but this one raises the bar high as it was brilliantly shot and well-written. ‘Shaheed ki jo maut hai woh qaum ki hayat hai’ has become one of the most quoted phrases for the last 25 years.

Its Ja Ja Jani time with this song which was way ahead of its time when it was released years back. Alamgir and Mehnaz again collaborate to bring a modern day classic.

This song Dekha Na Tha was first sung on TV, later was included in the film Bobby & Julie and finally came full circle Alamgir sang it for the third time on TV in 1991.

Alamgir made a comeback to playback singing in mid-80s with this song that was filmed on the roads of Karachi – do try to pick out places that are still there in the metropolis. Jeewan Hai Apna – Khush Naseeb is a rare song by Alamgir for Nadeem.

This song (hum chale tu hamare sung sung) has an interesting history – Music composer Nisar Bazmi chose Alamgir after the rest of the playback singers refused to sing for him due to his issues with powerful people in the industry. Alamgir rescued his mentor and the song is still popular even after 4 decades. A version telecast by PTV in early 1980s has Alamgir sitting with Nisar Bazmi on a tonga on the streets of Karachi,

And ‘that’s the way it is’…

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