Hotel sealed in Jaipur India after rumors about beef cooking

Jail terms 10 yrs for cow slaughter in Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Punishment up to varying terms in jail in other states.

MAMOSA Report — A hotel operating near the Central Bus Stand in Jaipur, capital of India’s Rajasthan state, was sealed and two of its staff arrested following a rumor that beef was being cooked there.

Trouble started on Sunday evening when Rashtriya Mahila Gau Rakshak Sewa Mandal activists, led by Kamla Didi, stormed into Hotel Hyatt Rabbani and thrashed a staff claiming that beef was cooked and served in the hotel.

Slaughter of “cow, calf, heifer, bull or bullock” is prohibited in Rajasthan state; possession, transport of their flesh is also prohibited. There’s a 10 years’ imprisonment and/or Rs 10,000 fine.

According to reports, a huge crowd gathered on the spot raising slogans denouncing cow slaughter and demanded that the hotel owner hand himself over to them.

States marked red doesn’t allow slaughter of cows.

The police promptly arrived at the scene and arrested Wasim and Qasim under Section 151 (preventive detention) of Criminal Procedure Code.

Officers of the Jaipur Municipal Corporation, accompanied by Ward Councilor Nirmala Sharma, also reached the venue and sealed the hotel after asking all the guests staying there to leave.

Following the incident, an English tourist was heard to fume, “whatever happened to democracy?”

Hotel Hyatt Rabbani, owned by Naeem Rabbani and functioning for several decades at Kanti Chandra Road near the Central Bus Stand in Jaipur, largely caters to tourists and travelers from outside Jaipur.

The hotel has been getting awards for its services regularly from various hoteliers’ associations.

(Based on reporting in Al-Bilad)

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