How Much Imran Khan Not Using PM House Could Fuel Other Initiatives Over Next 5 Yrs

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AUG 4, 2018 (BE2C2 Report): Imran Khan, the next-in-line prime minister has decided not to live in the PM House Complex in capital Islamabad.

Khan’s decision not to live in the Prime Minister House is expected to save billions of Pakistani rupees annually.

“The PM House is a royal palace. I feel ashamed of sitting there,” Imran had said in his victory speech .

According to reports, some Rs1.85 billion will be saved annually. It comprises Rs980 million in security budget for the complex, while Rs700 million are allocated for the PM House staff. Similarly, Rs150 million is spent annually on gifts for visiting dignitaries and guests, and Rs15 million on renovations and decoration.

Over the next 5-year, if Khan continues to stay away from the PM, House, the savings could accumulate to over Rs9.25 billion which is equivalent to almost US$80 million at US$1 = Rs116.

Theoretically, the savings could help fund additional beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program. How? Presently 5.4 million women who are the most deserving in all provinces and territories of the country receive Rs4834 each every quarter. That’s 19,336 a year. So annually, nearly 100,000 more women or half a million more women can benefit over the next 5 year period — if the savings are funneled in to the social safety net — that’s of course if the thought leaders decide to take this route.

The savings could even add another 100,000 youth entrepreneurs by giving them small loans.

In any case, the substantial savings could fund any value-added initiative or series of high impact initiatives. It’s the qualitative impact and the ripple effects such a move could create geometrically, not just the quantum of the savings in numbers — these could be additional several billions, notwithstanding the national psychological effect and concurrently the potential socio-political impact of such move. That could exceed several hundred billions in Rupees over the years.

The cricketer-turned-politician stated in a number of statements that he will neither stay in the PM House nor enjoy VVIP protocol after assuming office. During his first speech after victory in the general elections, Khan also announced to covert the PM residence into an educational institution.

The promise if fulfilled could also save billions of rupees spent on additional expenses, in a country marred with economic woes.

Located at 44000 Constitution Avenue in capital Islamabad, the Prime Minister House encompasses 800 Kanal of land in which PM house and residential apartments of the staff are constructed.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) confirmed that Khan will take the oath as PM at the President’s House on August 11.

Thereafter, Khan is expected to stay in the Ministers’ Enclave, reports say.

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