In a first, Pakistan’s Head of State renews driving licence going through the motion as a ‘common citizen’

ISLAMABAD (MAMOSA Report): In a Pakistan-first, the Head of the State President Mamnoon Hussain visted the capital traffic police office himself for his driving license renewal.

According to APP News Agency, “President Mamnoon Hussain can now drive freely in Islamabad, without any fear of getting a ticket for driving without a license.”

The head of state got his driving licence renewed from the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) office, like any other resident of the capital.

Mamnoon’s previous licence from Karachi city (his hometown) had expired and was renewed from Islamabad as per the law after a No Objection Certificate (NOC) was issued by the Karachi Traffic Police that on grounds there were no pending traffic violation tickets against him.

Islamabad IG Tariq Masood Yasin and SSP Malik Matloob Ahmed were there to receive the President at the ITP office, the report said.

“Mamnoon was issued token number 0441, and went through the procedure required for getting the driving licence like a common citizen.”

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