Indian cricket legend wants to play under Imran Khan

Former India cricketer turned commentator Sanjay Manjrekar has revealed his admiration for former Pakistan World Cup winning captain Imran Khan.

When Manjrekar was asked about the captain he was most impressed with, the answer was none other than of Khan. Manjrekar said this at the launch on Wednesday of his autobiography titled ‘Imperfect’.

“It is a no-brainer. I am a fan of Khan. I would have loved to play under him. Among the Indians, I like Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I also would have liked to play under Virat Kohli. He’s an in-your-face leader who hates losing games and gets very upset then,” Manjrekar said, reported NDTV.

Earlier, Manjrekar also mentioned his experience with the Pakistani legend in his autobiography.

“In the Faisalabad Test, Sachin Tendulkar got a light feather of a touch on the ball as he looked to work it off his hip. It was such a faint edge that no one appealed. Except for Imran, who was at mid-on. The umpire shook his head, but Imran was convinced that there was some bat in that one. He kept asking his players why they didn’t hear it,” Majrekar wrote in his autobiography, quoted ESPNcricinfo.

“At the end of the over, Tendulkar and I got together and he said, ‘What a guy, What sharp ears.’ He knew he had edged it. The wicketkeeper didn’t hear it, the umpire didn’t hear it, but the man at mid-on did. No one was as focused on the game as Imran was,” writes the Indian batsman.

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