Indians, Pakistanis can fly to these visa-free countries for under Dh2,250

It’s no secret that many Indians and Pakistanis and other South Asians call UAE their home. It’s also no secret that they enjoy traveling sans visa. And who wouldn’t? After all, a visa-free destination removes the added worry of spending money on one. But let’s up the stakes here. Wouldn’t it be great to spend a holiday in countries where you don’t need a visa AND only costs cheap? If you’re looking for such destinations, here are some visa-free destinations for Indians and Pakistanis for under Dh2,300.


Pakistanis can enjoy holidays in either Asia or Africa sans visa on the cheap. Here are some great picks to fly to from UAE:

Nepal From Dh1,244; Seychelles From Dh1,737; Maldives From Dh1,775; Cambodia From Dh2,166; Comoros From Dh2,248;


Indians on the other hand can enjoy a couple more locations in various parts of the world from UAE. Asia? Check, Europe? Check, right here in the Middle East? Check.

Ukraine From Dh1,046; Macau From Dh1,126; Jordan From Dh1,184; Macedonia From Dh1,240; Indonesia From Dh1,392;

*All prices retrieved from flydubai and Prices are subject to change.

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