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A drone captured shocking footage of inequality in Mexico and South Africa

Here’s why your attitude is more important than your intelligence

North Korea’s ballistic missiles, mapped.

14,923 nukes: All the nations armed with atomic weapons and how many they have

You’ve heard of Boomers, Gen X and Millennials – but how about the Xennials?

As Baby Boomers retire, immigrants will play the primary role in the future growth of the US working-age population

76% of immigrants are in the U.S. legally, while 24% are unauthorized. In 2015, 44% were naturalized U.S. citizens

About a million immigrants receive US green cards yearly, but fewer than half are new arrivals from other countries

Figure 3 above shows Karachi being in the less livable ranking quadrant; Sources: World Bank analysis based on ranking surveys by Mercer (2012); population density data from United Nations Statistical Division (2014)

Source: Quartz Creative

China just switched on the world’s largest floating solar power plant

A computer was asked to predict which start-ups would be successful. The results were astonishing

Solar has the brightest sustainable energy future. Here’s why

Share of U.S. Muslims who say that Donald Trump makes them feel: Worried 68%; Angry 45%; Hopeful 26%; Happy 17%;

Europe’s most entrepreneurial country? It’s not the one you might expect

The world’s most popular social networks, mapped

There was little change in the scores of the most war-torn countries, with Syria remaining the least peaceful, followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen.

France becomes the world No 1 for soft power

Services sector of Pakistan economy has been growing at a much faster rate than commodity producing sector…

Cities, not nation states, will determine our future survival. Here’s why

Which European country has the most trusted media?

China’s $900 billion New Silk Road. What you need to know #amnc17

More people are living displaced from their homes, than at any time since World War II

Pakistan is ranked 4th Most Popular Country for Freelancing which means that Pakistan is home to 8.5-9% of the overall freelance workers on the internet

Leather and leather made-ups industry role in the Pakistan economy and its share in GDP is 4%

The world’s most and least active countries, as defined by distance walked

Pakistan has a negligible presence in the global pharmaceutical industry of almost $1 trillion. In 2015 its pharma expoort was $190m – mostly to African countries

Manufacturing powerhouse rank trending and future forecast

A majority of the public considers Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting inappropriate, according to a survey

Wall Street’s efforts to improve its image failed to sway Americans, poll says (July 2017)

How favorable is your impression about these U.S. institutions (July 2017)

These are the world’s most digitally advanced countries

The world’s movement of people – in one map

Pakistan agriculture sector’s  direct and indirect linkages with other sectors of the economy

Number of operating coal plants by country

Renewable energy is now the most affordable source of power in many parts of the world, a trend that will continue.

800,000 years of climate change, in 3 minutes

World plastics in oceans. Why we need a global treaty to tackle the world’s plastics problem.

Scientists have warned that temperatures could leap by 8C by 2100

Pakistan’s automobile sector recorded a growth of 23.43% during July-March FY2016 compared to 17.06% in same period last year; Jun 22, 2017

Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan Increases by 154% Year on Year. Major Inflows from China, Netherlands, France and Turkey; Jun 22, 2017