Kashmiris penalized for celebrating Pakistan cricket win

Kashmiris have been stopped from attending Friday prayers and their shops looted for celebrating Pakistan’s Champions Trophy win against England a day earlier, Pakistan foreign office spokesman Nafees Zakaria told the press on Thursday.

Pakistan as the lowliest ranked team in the 2017 Champions Trophy, are now going to compete for the coveted Champions Trophy silverware against Indian on Sunday after beating till-now unbeaten England comprehensively by eight wickets in Cardiff on Wednesday. It was a stunning and unexpected victory, according to experts.

Title-holders India will now play arch-rivals Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final on Sunday after winning handsomely against Bangladesh by nine wickets at Edgbaston on Thursday.

Expaerts say cricket lovers in India and Pakistan and global viewers (larger in size than the Super Bowl watchers) expect the Sunday encounter between the two neighbors to be “mother of all cricket matches”.

The FO spokesman also condemned Indian atrocities against Kashmiri civilians, claiming that the Indian army had killed 25 people and injured 200 others in Ramadan.

Zakaria also criticized the Indian government’s move to create hurdles for Sikh pilgrims who wished to attend the Jor festival in Pakistan.

Despite possessing Pakistani visas, many pilgrims were prevented from crossing the border and only a handful could attend their religious festivities, he said.

India did not run a special train for the pilgrims on the pretext of them being few in number, and did not allow Pakistan’s special train to transport the pilgrims to Pakistan, Zakaria said during the weekly briefing.

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