‘Kite’ Unites MQM Leaders, Farooq Sattar Threatens Polls Boycott

May 31, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — Chief of Karachi’s largest and strongest political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement Dr. Farooq Sattar on Wednesday said the party will boycott upcoming polls if it is not allowed to do politics within the ambit of country’s constitution.

“If MQM reservations were not resolved we will boycott upcoming elections,” — July 25th has been announced as countrywide polls day for the national assembly and all the provincial assemblies.

He said the party’s offices that had been sealed must be reopened immediately. Otherwise, he said, the party reserved the right to boycott the upcoming elections.

The MQM chief maintained that polls cannot ensure stability and whatever bad things happened to them have been in front of everyone.

Talking to media in the mega city, Sattar said MQM will continue its demand for a separate province, and there should not be two but 100 administrative units.

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He said MQM’s every leader is wishful for a separate province and everyone has the right to demand within the constitution. Sattar lamented that census was not carried out in the right manner and his party faced discrimination even before the elections.

On Tuesday, while addressing a press conference at PIB Colony, Sattar had said his party was being compelled to announce a campaign for a south Sindh province.

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He said there was complete consensus in the MQM ranks over the issue of a separate province in Sindh. Sattar said MQM’s mandate was being given to others. “We are not being minus, we have been minused,” he added.

“Victory for a voter is that he receives a symbol and all MQM supporters have the election symbol of kite (Patang). MQM was allotted ‘kite’ as symbol after Amir Khan and Farooq Sattar appeared before the election commission and said their internal conflict had nothing to do with the election symbol, which should be allotted to the party. Kite has been MQM’s election symbol for decades.

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Sattar said people want the Rabita Committee to hold a rally but the other group was not interested in elections, it seems.

Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar while meeting Karachi Editors Club members at Frere Hall on May 12 had said the party is united, and there are only differences of opinion on tactical issues which are natural and normal in any party.

In a related note, on Wednesday — the penultimate day of the 14th National Assembly session, MQM lawmakers in the lower house (National Assembly) of parliament tried to move a resolution for formation of a separate province (Southern Sindh).

In the absence of lawmakers from other parties, the Karachi-based party initiated the move for tabling a resolution for a new province in Sindh when their senior party member S Iqbal Qadri was chairing the house. The move was scuttled as it did not subscribe to parliamentary rules and procedures.

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