London terror attack: ‘Attacker was UK-born and known to MI5’

MAMOSA Report — U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May described the London terror attack on Wednesday as “sick and depraved” while London Mayor Sadiq Khan vowed Britain’s capital city would not “be cowed by terrorists”.

Authorities in UK believe the assailant, who was shot dead after stabbing a police offer on Wednesday, was inspired by international and Islamist-related terrorism though British police refused to name the attacker as counter-terrorism operations were ongoing.

The Financial Times reported Thursday that the attacker was UK-born and known to MI5 and the police have said they are treating the attack as terrorism.

FT adds: “..authorities have said that a man of North African origin is under arrest following a high-speed chase. Pedestrians were forced to jump out of the way as the suspect tried to drive his car at high speed down Le Meir, the pedestrianized are of the city. They confirm a high-speed chase ensued in which the vehicle went through a red light and an military checkpoint before being intercepted and stopped. Weapons and other suspicious items were found in the vehicle..”

The Financial Times’ published image circled two objects on the ground believed to be knives used by the assailant during the attack.

Scotland Yard’s Mark Rowley said at a press conference on Thursday morning that 29 people, of which seven were in critical condition, were being treated in hospital.

Rowley also confirmed that eight people had been arrested as police searched six different addresses in London and Birmingham believed to be connected to the attack.

The suspected terrorist drove a car at speed along the pavement of Westminster Bridge on Wednesday afternoon, ramming pedestrians out of the way before crashing into a fence near Parliament. He then ran towards the building which houses U.K. lawmakers and stabbed a police officer before being shot.

The four dead included the assailant, the police officer he had stabbed, and two pedestrians hit by the car.

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