Meet Ashraf Habiullah Who Says Human Engineering Leads, Influences, Inspires Everything

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PKONWEB Report (Karachi): NED University of Engineering & Technology convocation on Friday hosted an insightful speech laced with humor by renowned Pakistani engineer billionaire Ashraf Habibullah.

The California based genius  is famed with launching the Finite Element method to analyze new and existing structures. The technique which was later converted by him to an engineering software that has revolutionized the way structural engineers study, analyze and design complex structures be it an underground tank, a spacecraft body or a robotic based element.

In the presence of Governor Sindh  and the Chief Minister and many renowned personalities and guests including students, Mr. Habibullah reminded all that it’s Human Engineering albeit Imagineering which leads, influences and inspires all subjects, concepts and ideas including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and not the other way around.

He’s expected to deliver a lecture on Human Engineering to thought-leaders, academicians and students on Monday.

Habibullah, a Pakistani-American structural engineer and software developer, is best known as the founder, President, and CEO of Computers and Structures, Inc., a structural and earthquake engineering software company based in Berkeley, California. He’s also actively participating in the NED Endowment Fund,

His Significant advances include launching software programs such as SAP2000; CSiBridge; ETABS; SAFE

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