Military Spokesperson Launches ‘Positive Image of Pakistan’ Contest On Twitter

JUN 24, 2018: The chief military spokesperson has organized an “activity” on the popular micro-blogging site Twitter calling upon users to post pictures projecting positive image of Pakistan and win prizes.

Major General Asif Ghafoor, the director general of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), used his personal, not official, Twitter handle on Saturday to seek submissions.

“Dear all. Let’s have an activity. Post a pic projecting positive image of Pakistan here. Best 3 posts will get a prize. Request NO politics, No foreign enmity! Any negative post from anyone/ abroad be ignored. Starts now till 11:59 pm on night 30th Jun 18,” he wrote on Twitter.

The contest will run until June 30. And top three pictures would be given prizes. The military spokesperson didn’t give details of the prize, though.

At a time when a lot of negativity is being spread about Pakistan on the social media, this personal initiative by the military spokesperson is a good effort to counter it, The Express Tribune wrote.

Many observers believe the country is engaged in hybrid war and social media is being used against the nation and the state. Such moves are being countered by civil society and independent media also, said several observers while appreciating Mr. Ghafoor’s initiative.

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