MQM-P: Firdous Naqvi’s Appointment as Opp leader May Strain Ties

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AUG 9, 2018: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Khawaja Izharul Hasan on Thursday warned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) against selecting Firdous Naqvi as leader of the opposition in the Sindh Assembly.

“His selection will definitely strain our ties with them [PTI],” he added. “We under any circumstances cannot accept Naqvi’s appointment and if by any chance he is given the position, it will definitely effect our alliance,” Hasan said, who is the former opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly.

“If statements like this continue to come out of the PTI ranks then it will be difficult to work together in the future,” the MQM-P senior leader said.

The reaction comes in the wake of Naqvi’s comments on August 5 in which he said, “We have joined hands with the MQM out of compulsion to reach 172 seats in the National Assembly” and their perception about MQM has not changed.

The MQM hit out at Naqvi, who is PTI Karachi president, calling for action to be taken against him.

PTI said Naqvi’s statement about the MQM-P is not party policy.

During a press conference on Sunday, Naqvi said, “The PTI has not taken a U-turn. We went there [to meet MQM leaders] because it was a necessity and compulsion.”

We think Imran should become prime minister, so we made some compromises, he had said.

Naqvi was of the view that the MQM suffered a setback in the July 25 general elections due to the performance of its Karachi mayor, Wasim Akhtar.

“Those politicians who target me, do it for their own political gains,” Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said.

The PTI leader’s remarks came two days after the MQM announced that it would support the PTI in the National Assembly, giving the party the required majority to elect Imran as prime minister.

PTI signed MOU with MQM-P for Karachi uplift in exchange for support to form government at the Center. MQM-P has 6 votes in the National Assembly which PTI needs in addition to other votes to form a coalition government on federal level.

The party has become the second largest in Sindh Assembly. There are a total 130 general seats in the provincial assembly. The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has emerged as the single largest party with 77 seats while the PTI has secured 23 seats, Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan 16, Grand Democratic Alliance 11, Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan two and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal one seat.

The PPP has already announced to form the government and nominated Murad Ali Shah as the chief minister.

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