‘No Party Will Hold The Majority In The Next Assembly’: Asif Ali Zardari

May 27, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — Former President and Co-Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday predicted no party will hold the majority in the next assembly — a view many observers have been voicing in the print media and on talk shows lately.

However, if Gallup Pakistan’s most recent opinion poll is to be considered, PML-N — the ruling party, with Punjab as its bastion of power could swing results in its favor with enough seats to form the next  government also in the Center — other things being equal.

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Elections 2018 will be held on July 25, the announcement was made on Saturday.

Zardari also announced to contest for a National Assembly seat in the upcoming polls from Nawabshah district of Sindh — the southern province of the country considered PPP’s stronghold — it’s been ruling Sindh for a decade.

The former president and party chief made the announcement at an Iftar reception in Karachi while speaking to the attendees. Zardari told them no party will hold the majority in the next assembly.

A day earlier, he told reporters in Islamabad, that the PPP was not supporting the establishment, instead it supported Pakistan.

“We are not (in collusion) with the establishment. We are with Pakistan,” he remarked.

Nawaz, he said, was waging a war against the country to protect his vested interests.

He also maintained that after the 2008 elections, the PPP had allowed the PML-N to form government in the Punjab as part of his policy of reconciliation.

“If I had wanted, they (the PML-N) would never have been able to form the government in Punjab,” he said. The PPP, he said, was still suffering because of that decision.

Commenting on MQM’s demand for carving Karachi as a separate province, Zardari said everything needed a historical perspective, including the formation of any new federating unit.

“How can you gouge out the country’s financial capital (from Sindh)?” he said.

In 1990, Zardari was elected as MNA from Karachi’s Lyari constituency. He was also elected from Nawabshah in 1993.

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