Oman slashes minimum salary requirement for expats bringing in families

Oman has halved the minimum salary required before an expat is permitted to have their family join them to live in the Sultanate.

The decision to slash the minimum wage requirement from 600 rials ($1,558) to 300 rials ($779) was reported by Times of Oman’s sister publication, Al Abri, citing a tweet issued by Shoura Council Member, Sultan bin Majid Al-Abri.

The tweet read: “The visa condition for family members joining an expatriate employee has been amended from a minimum salary of OMR600 to OMR300.”

The change follows a decision by the Sultanate’s Shoura Council as part of one of the initiatives of the Tanfeedh program which is aimed at boosting and aiding the diversification of the country’s economy.

He stressed that the decision would boost the local economy and revitalise several sectors, including real estate, retail, insurance and others.

Oman also eased its visa requirements for tourists from several countries including Pakistan, India, China and Russia following a similar strategy its Gulf neighbors have implemented to attract travelers from the global market.

The non-sponsored tourist visa valid for one month, also allows holders to bring with them their spouses and children during their stay in Oman.


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