Indian PM Modi’s Surgical Strategy At Work to Win Election: News Analysis

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“For PM Modi such tactics resonate in his constituency and given his snowballing popularity, a dramatic turn of events could do the trick he thinks no matter what the cost is.”

PKONWEB Report (Updated) (ISLAMABAD) — India following through on its vow to retaliate against the group that it says staged the Pulwama attack earlier this month in occupied Kashmir, intruded Pakistani airspace in the wee hours of the morning today–weeks before the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes to polls for a second stint, and as US-Taliban talks progressed in Doha on Monday.

According to several independent observers, Modi government’s moves reflect a textbook approach–it was coming and was expected to be more a brinkmanship than of substance.

Director General of military’s media wing ISPR Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor tweeted this morning: “Indian aircrafts’ intrusion across LOC in Muzaffarabad Sector within AJ&K was 3-4 miles. Under forced hasty withdrawal aircrafts released payload which had free fall in open area. No infrastructure got hit, no casualties. Technical details and other important information to follow.”

Residents walk on a bridge in the mountainous area of Balakot

That India’s LoC violation came a day after a meeting between army chief General Qamar Bajwa and air chief Anwar Mujahid Khan at the Air Headquarters in Islamabad on Monday and two days after the army chief’s visit to LoC show Indian move was predictable.

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An already tensed ties between Pakistan and India over Kashmir and latter’s hybrid war against the former further exasperated after a suicide bombing in occupied Kashmir killed over 49 Indian soldiers. New Delhi blames Pakistan of being complicit in the attack — a charge Islamabad has denied vehemently and from the get-go. Several observers say the attack was a false flag op meant to skew PM Modi’s dwindling popularity ahead of upcoming national election.

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Islamabad and several analysts have also been over the months sounding off of black swan events in the region ahead of Modi’s bid for a second term in office and as US-Taliban peace talks in Afghanistan assisted by Pakistan are being held.

“Modi and his team have been in fact in the operation theater doing surgery stitching up details of a strategy to win the election, and the ongoings are some parts of the whole”, said Mr. Irshad Salim, Editor-in-Chief of PKonweb and DesPardes.

“For PM Modi such tactics resonate in his constituency and given his snowballing popularity, a dramatic turn of events could do the trick he thinks no matter what the cost is,” he added.

Nevertheless, the international community has expressed alarm over the situation and as Delhi is ratcheting up regional tensions, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has also cancelled his scheduled official trip to Japan.

He summoned an emergency meeting in Islamabad to discuss the security situation.

Terming intrusion of Indian military jet into Pakistani airspace as “grave aggression”, Qureshi said Pakistan reserved its right of a suitable response in line of self-defense.

Talking to media after chairing a high-level meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs soon after the incident, he said, “We consider it a violation of Line of Control (LoC).

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan from time-to-time had cautioned the world community about India’s possible misadventure.

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