Pakistan Army’s Surprise Win In Intl Pace Sticking Competition At Sandhurst

JUN 16, 2018: Pakistan Army team won the annual International Pace Sticking Competition at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, UK held on 14 June 2018.

Participating in the fierce competition were a total of 18 teams: 10 from the UK, 4 teams from Bahrain, 2 from Oman, and a team each from Pakistan and Jordan.

Pakistan Army’s team from PMA Kakul won the Intl Pace Sticking Competition 2018. The team only started learning the drill exercise two months ago, “and kicked its way to a surprise win at the 90th All Arms and International Pace Sticking Competition,” wrote The Telegraph UK.

The pace sticking team consists of a total of 4 individuals out of which one is the driver and three are the pace stickers. Over the course of the competition, the teams marched in slow and quick time whilst alternating turning the stick with the left or right hand.

The objective of the pace stick drill is to provide uniformity in the use of a stick and a high standard of steadiness and cohesion among the instructors.

“There’s a lot to look out for which can trip you up, when you’re pace sticking”,  Lance Sergeant Anthony Jordan, 1st Battalion Irish Guards explained to Forces Network: “The wind – the wind is blowing quite strong today. It’s summertime – you get sweaty hands, clammy hands, the stick’s slipping all over the place.

“There’s quite a lot of things that you’ve got to think about. It’s not just marching up and down with a stick.”

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