Pakistan, China Special Services Troops to Hold Joint Military Drill ‘Warrior-VI 2018’

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A special forces contingent of People Liberation Army China arrived in Pakistan on Saturday.

ISLAMABAD; Dec 8, 2018 — All-weather friends Pakistan and China are holding a joint military drill dubbed ‘Warrior-VI’.

Focus of the joint exercise is to share respective experiences in the field of counter-terrorism operations and learn from each other’s experiences.

This is sixth joint exercise of the series as part of bilateral military cooperation between both friendly countries.

A special forces contingent of People Liberation Army China arrived in Pakistan on Saturday to participate in the ‘Warrior –VI 2018’ Pak-China joint military exercise.

Troops of Special Service Group from both armies will participate in the three-week long exercise, said a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Earlier this month, Joint International Air Drill of Pakistan and China, Shaheen VII, also took place at an operational airbase in Pakistan.

According to a Pakistan Air Force spokesperson, the Chinese contingent included pilots and air defense controllers.

Pak-China military cooperation as an important pillar of bilateral relations and the two militaries have been further strengthening the cooperation to safeguard common security challenges.

In September, a senior Chinese general told Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa that military ties between China and Pakistan are the ‘backbone’ of relations between the two countries.

During the same week, Zhang Youxia, a deputy chairman of China’s powerful Central Military Commission which President Xi Jinping heads, reiterated to Gen. Bajwa that the two countries are “all weather” strategic cooperative partners.

Pakistan has deepened ties with China in recent years as relations with the United States have frayed over US strategy in handling Afghanistan quagmire

During the two military officials meet, further cooperation in the fields of counterterrorism, arms and equipment technology as well as training was also discussed.

Besides military and security ties, the two countries have enhanced their bilateral economic ties in a quantum leap with the launch of multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with its gateway on the Arabian Sea.

The mega initiative has attracted a lot of attention from friendly countries and at the same time drawn rivalry from few. That has changed the security and geostrategic dynamics of the region.

Pakistan therefore has been taking proactive measures to enhance capability and capacity attributes based on full spectrum, multi-layered security and defense deterrents including a nuclear triad.

A Special Security Division (15,000 troops) has also been raised and tasked with providing security to the under construction Corridor and the workforce employed on related projects.

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