Pakistan Day parade March 23: Here it is, why wait…(Pics, Videos)

MAMOSA Report — This kid is already celebrating Pakistan Day. He ain’t waiting for March 23rd.

And the JF-17: try keeping up with it as it thunders. It’s not waiting either!

The Thunder is taking on the Shaheen — pumped up…

Saudi soldiers’ contingent is all set to go — in solidarity.

The Chinese, Pakistan’s ‘all-weather friend’ are participating too, in solidarity too. Turkish Band is also participating.

The Turkish band is participating too –in solidarity…

And the Pakistan Defense Forum tweeted with this gigantic flag — all for Pakistan Day.

The four Super Mushaq formation with wings saver-rattling with the wind in colorful hue of red stream can’t wait either…

Historically March 23rd is Pakistan Day (Pakistan Resolution was adopted by subcontinent’s Muslims on March 23, 1940 in favor of a separate homeland).

We have it. No more wait. Every day is March 23rd… Tomorrow also. Let’s celebrate!

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