Pakistan Foreign Affairs official meets UAE Ambassador, Charge d’affaires of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt

ISLAMABAD, (WAM) — Tasawar Khan, Assistant Under-Secretary for Middle East and Africa Affairs at the Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs today met with Essa Abdulla Al Nuaimi, UAE Ambassador to Pakistan, and the Charge d’affaires of the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt in the capital here.

The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussed the circumstances and current updates regarding the conditions of severing ties with Qatar, as a result of its deliberate behavior to support terrorism and extremism and interfere in the internal affairs of their countries and other countries in the region, such as Yemen, Syria and Libya, which they consider as a threat to regional security and stability.

The also discussed the effect of this policy on the international stage while considering extremism and terrorism as a disease of humanity.

Khan expressed his country’s wishes for the crisis to end at the soonest and considered the current situation as disruptive to Pakistan’s neighborly relations with important countries, which is consolidated in its ties with the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries and Egypt. He also stressed that the efforts for a solution must come from within the Gulf family.

At the beginning of the meeting, the heads of the diplomatic missions delivered to Khan their condolences for the victims of the accidental explosion of a fuel tanker in Bahawalpur in Punjab Province two days ago, and he responded by thanking them for their condolences and their honest wishes that Allah Almighty grant the victims peace and a quick recovery for the wounded.

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