Pakistan is China’s Iron-Clad Friend: Communist Party of China

China’s Communist Party says Pakistan is China’s iron-clad friend and the two brotherly countries have a profound friendship as sweet as honey and as hard as iron.

This was stated by Guo Yezhou, a vice minister in the CPC’s International Department, while responding to a question raised by APP news agency at a press conference in Beijing on Saturday.

The official stressed the need for paying special attention to neighborhood diplomacy, report Radio Pakistan.

Guo said the party would in the next five years continue to focus on neighborhood engagement as it was key to China’s “security”.

“China has many neighbors. We have as many as 14 land neighbors and several other neighbors on the sea. Without a good neighborhood, we cannot have security for the country,” he said.

“That requires us both from the government and from the party, a need to pay special attention to neighborhood diplomacy. Since the last party congress [in 2012], the Central Committee has been paying special attention to neighborhood diplomacy.”

The CPC’s International Department plays a key role in building the party’s ties with political parties from overseas, and it is also a key body in setting China’s foreign policy priorities.

As China and Pakistan, the two ‘Iron Brothers’ embark on the $62 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor connecting China’s Xinjiang province with Pakistan’s Balochistan province on the Arabia sea shoreline– a few hundred miles east and northeast of the oil-rich Arabian peninsula, the two time-tested allies have gotten closer in the vast neighborhood but unnerving India– China’s southern and Pakistan’s eastern neighbor.

The CPC Congress is meeting for the first time after the official launch of President Xi Jinping’s signature mega One Belt One Road geoeconomic-cum-geostrategic initiative whose flagship is the CPEC considered a game-changer for Pakistan’s economy and standing in the region.

At the October 18-24 congress, the CPC will choose its new leaders for President Xi Jinping’s second five-year-term.

2,287 delegates to the Congress have come together in Beijing to plot the course of the CPC for the next five years under Xi Jinping–General Secretary of the Communist Party, President of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. They’re there to attend the 19th National Congress of the CPC.

Only Party members get to vote in this election, with more than 89 million members in the Communist Party.

This year the Party elections recorded a voter turnout rate of 99.2%– a new record. That’s up from 98.0% five years ago.

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