Pakistan Participating in Month-Long 23 Nations Gulf Shield Joint Exercise-1

(PKONWEB Report) — Pakistan Air Force’s JF-17 squadron and military personnel are participating in Gulf Shield Joint Exercise -1, a multinational land, sea and air exercise off the Arabian Gulf on the eastern board of Saudi Arabia that will last for one month– it kicked off on March 18.

Comprising defense forces from 23 nations including USA, UK, Turkey and Malaysia, the multilateral exercise aims at maintaining security and stability in the GCC region and the neighboring countries.

The exercise has been organized by the Ministry of Defense in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, report Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The exercise is scheduled to last for one month, and is considered the largest military exercise in the region in terms of the number of troops and participating countries, or in terms of diversity of its expertise and the quality of weapons. It aims at raising the military readiness of the participating countries, modernizing the joint mechanisms and measures of security and military apparatuses and enhancing coordination, cooperation and joint military and security integration,” SPA report says.

Dira Alwatan– the official social media account of Saudi Ministry of Defense tweeted: “With love and sincerity, we welcome the falcons of Islamabad and South Asia.”

Several other countries are participating in the joint exercise– “they stand on a solid ground and are ready for any possible threat,” tweeted Dira Alwatan with hastag #Our_Gulf_Is_A_Fortified_Shield #Gulf_Shield.

“Strength, Brotherhood, and Peace: These are the values the great people of Pakistan believe in and repeat in their national anthem,” the Saudi MoD tweeted.

Prime Minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi said on the occasion: “the entire Pakistani nation is proud of the sacrifices of security men and their tireless efforts to save our homeland from the clutches of terrorism.”

In addition to the armed forces of Saudi Arabia, the exercise involves land, sea, air and air defense forces and strategic weapons for each of the forces of the participating countries.

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