Pakistan Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani stops working, returns protocol –on ministers’ absence from upper house of parliament

MAMOSA Report — Pakistan Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani on Friday stopped working and returned official protocol to protest against absence of ministers in the upper house. Rabbani also cancelled his scheduled visit to Iran on Saturday, The News reported.

Rabbani said the federal ministers do not come to the Senate to attend the question-hour session. He said tension between the government and opposition was rising. He directed the Senate Secretariat not to bring any official file to him as he is no longer a chairman.

“It seems the government has some grudge against me,” Rabbani said, and added that the Senate is being deprived of its constitutional role. He offered the government to tender resignation from the chairmanship of the Senate.

Addressing the media outside the Senate, Rabbani said tensions are flaring up between the federal government led by PML-N and provinces.

Later, the ministers approached the senior Peoples Party leader and tried to convince him to resume his work as Senate chairman but in vain as he left for home.

Rabbani issued directives to the Senate Secretariat that no official file be brought over to him any longer, as “I am no more Chairman Senate,” according to his message to the Secretariat, quoted Sanaa TV.

Voicing his reservations, he said the government does not seem to accept Senate’s constitutional status, adding, “If the government has any issue with me, I am willing to quit my seat but mockery of the Senate cannot be tolerated.”

Commenting on Rabbani’s decision to resign, Raja Zafar-ul-Haq said, “After I arrived at the Senate, I came to know that Raza Rabbani relinquished his office.”

He said, “I said to Raza Rabbani that he made myriads of reforms and the Senate prestige enhanced owing to him.”

Raza Rabbani had gone home in an official flag-carrying car, Raja Zafarul Haq said.

The reports regarding the standoff reached Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who tasked Ishaq Dar to bring him round and stop him from resignation.

Meanwhile, the Senate session was adjourned for an unspecified period.

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