Pakistan Navy undertakes live missile firing in north Arabian Sea

Irshad Salim — In an impressive display of fire power, Pakistan’s Navy undertook ‘Live Weapon Firing’ of Exocet Anti Ship Missile in North Arabian Sea on Saturday with ‘pinpoint accuracy’.

The Navy successfully test-fired the anti-ship missile from a helicopter that hit the intended target with “pinpoint accuracy”, a navy spokesperson said in a statement.

The striking demonstration of fire power by Pakistan Navy’s Sea King helicopter Sea King included launch of an Air to Surface Anti-ship Missile, reaffirming weapon’s lethal and offensive punch of the PN Fleet, said the statement.

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah who witnessed the event said the firing drill demonstrated his force’s war preparedness and reaffirmed Pakistan Navy’s resolve to safeguard the sea borders and interests of the country at every cost.

With the launch of $62 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor whose sea gateway is Balochistan’s Gwadar port on the Arabian seashore, Pakistan Navy has emerged as one of the key stakeholders in the full-spectrum land-and-sea security domain with new and added dimension in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Earlier in March, the navy conducted a successful test of a land-based, anti-ship missile. The trial was conducted from the coastal region and the missile secured a hit on a target placed at sea, the report said.

The Pakistan Navy in May received the seven Westland Sea King multi-role helicopters it had ordered from the UK in 2016.

Pakistan Navy Conducts Maritime Security Workshop

Pakistan Navy is conducting Maritime Security Workshop on the theme “Secure Seas – Prosperous Pakistan” at Naval War College in Punjab’s capital city Lahore.

The two-week duration MARSEW aims to create maritime awareness, enlighten the participants on vast maritime potential of Pakistan and its significance for overall economic growth of the country.

The participants included members of the Senate, National Assembly, provinces, media, educationists and bureaucrats.

A comprehensive briefing was given to them on the emerging contemporary challenges in the region and the Navy’s role in safeguarding the country’s maritime interests and roles of various Naval Commands.

The delegation was briefed about the importance of Gwadar port and the Ormara naval base along Balochistan’s coastline, for the CPEC project and the effective measures PN has taken for the maritime components of CPEC project including security of the port and its seaward approaches — northwestern part of in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

The workshop comprise one week on-campus activities and one-week visits of naval installations and units at Karachi, creeks and coastal areas and other National Maritime Installations/setups.

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