Pakistani-American Honored With Bravery Award for Saving Police Officer’s Life

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Abdul Rauf Khan popularly known as “Mamoo” overpowered assailant stabbing the police officer

Jun 3, 2018 — Once Abdul Rauf Khan resolved it to himself that he must save a woman police officer under knife attack on a roadside, there was no stopping him from overpowering a much stronger and bigger assailant.

That act of heroism saved Police Officer Suzanne Watt from the attacker who was stabbing her, and earned Khan, a Pakistani-American, a bravery award from Virginia’s Alexandria Police Chief Michael L Brown this month.

Khan took a moment to dive into the precarious situation as upon seeing the man attack the police officer several thoughts ran through his mind. Should he call police and wait for help or jump into the fray to save the officer? What if it was his own daughter facing the strife?

“An old guy like me, thinking of tackling a guy of double size than me and with a knife, it was just crazy but I said to myself, what if it was your daughter, what will you do, should you stay in the car and wait for help; absolutely not I said to myself and that was the defining moment. I jumped out of my car, ran to the guy, pull him up and smashed him on the ground. I don’t know where I have got that power, I am sure it was from Allah who gave me the first thought to get involved, led me to the guy and helped me to tackle him without any problem,” Khan said, according to NewzToday website.

The Police Chief’s commendation awarded to Khan recognizes his valiant action that saved the life of the officer.

“On behalf of the men and women of the Alexandria Police Department, I would like to personally recognize you for the bravery and courage you displayed while coming to the aid of one of our officers in need of assistance. Officer Suzanne Watts was under attack by an assailant who struck her in the head with a blunt object and continued to assault her repeatedly. You recognized that the officer was in trouble and without concern for your own safety, rushed to her aid and thwarted any further attack. Because of your quick actions and courage, you prevented the assailant from causing her any further bodily injury or death. We are truly thankful that there are brave and caring people such as you who are willing to go above and beyond to help an officer in need. Your valiant actions are appreciated,” the award reads.

Khan previously ran Chutney Restaurant in Springfield, Virginia, and is popularly known as “Mamoo,” which in Urdu means maternal uncle.

Meanwhile, members of Pakistani-American community have hailed Abdul Khan’s bravery as well as Alexandria Police’s acknowledgement of his heroism.

The social media users shared the story widely and applauded Khan’s valiant response to a life-threatening situation for a police officer.

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