Pakistanis in the U.S. Fact Sheet: Second fastest growing Asian immigrant group (Infographics)

Pakistani-Americans are the seventh largest community among Asian-Americans, behind Chinese, Filipinos, Indians, Vietnamese, Koreans and Japanese, according to Asian-American Center For Advancing Justice. They are still a minuscule fraction of the overall US population. However, their numbers have more than doubled in the last decade due to increased immigration.

With 100% increase since 2000, Pakistanis are the second fastest growing Asian immigrant group in the United States. With median household income of $66,000, Pakistani-Americans also earn more than an average American household. The most common jobs of Pakistani-Americans include doctors, engineers, accountants, salespersons, administrators/managers and financial analysts, and 38 per cent hold at least a bachelors degree which is higher than 30% of all Asian-Americans and twice the 19% of overall American population with college degrees.

According to Pew Research, U.S. Pakistani population living in poverty as of 2015 is less than overall American population and higher than foreign-born US population. (see last chart at the end of the post). Remittances from US to Pakistan was $2.6 billion in 2015. This translates into $5010 per capita of Pakistani-American population– highest among the Pakistani Diaspora worldwide.

Fact Sheet on Pakistanis in the U.S.:

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