Pakistan’s first girl cadet college opens

Pakistan’s first cadet college for girls is training its future military leaders and fighting gender-biased attitudes.

Inaugurated last year in summer, the college is based in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in the north, in the town of Mardan, which has been at the receiving end of many militant attacks.

All women here could dream about was merely to be able to step outside. But now they are marching ahead to the beat of a drill instructor.

Hundreds of boys study at cadet colleges across Pakistan. But girls are still not allowed in such elite schools. The college at Mardan is one exception and hopes are running high. The first batch of 80 students were selected from 250 applicants country-wide.

“The aim is to make the college an exemplary institute in the country and students would be provided with all modern facilities, said its Principal Brig. Javed.

“I’m feeling very, very, very proud because the women…because they have to know that they are leaders, that they are born leaders,” Zainab Salman, cadet school pupil says.

VIDEO: TRT World’s Chelsea Carter has more.

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