Palestinians Use Kites to Protest Gaza Blockade, Burn Israeli Lands

JUN 17, 2018: Palestinians are using kites to protest the blockade of Gaza and causing huge damage to Israeli lands without getting closer to the restive border.

Israeli troops have so far killed 121 Palestinians since demonstrations at the Gaza border started on March 30.

Israeli politicians have called on Israeli soldiers to shoot kite flyers. The Israeli army has responded with drones that can slash kite strings in mid-air.

The Palestinian kites are cheap to make but are causing millions in damage to Israel. Videos on social media show the losses caused by these kites and “they scare off occupation forces,” kite flyers say.

Activists attach an oil rag to the kite and once it crosses the border, cut a fuse, which causes a fire when it falls.

Kites often have pictures of Palestinians killed by Israel. “We use the pictures to show the world sacrifices we have made and use them to make our demands to open the border and help the injured and to break the siege”.

The idea kite flyers say came during the second week of April — to use the kites against Israelis on the border. It’s ongoing since then.

“These kites have troubled the Israelis because we can reach the border without us going there,” and “we will continue to do so despite the fact the Israelis say they will shoot us,” kite flyers said.

So far these kites have caused fire to more than 2200 acres of Israeli land without harming anyone.

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