Panic in India: Our Boys Selfie Was Meant For Girl Next Door (Video)

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IRSHAD SALIM (Islamabad): Two of our boys–wholesomely representing the youth bulge that we are faced with–a mammoth opportunity spitfire needing a greenfield runway to land on for greener pasture has suddenly become the “bad guys” some 360 miles east of Wagah border. Their selfie is making waves in the digital ecosystem of our ‘naraz’ (angry) neighbor with ‘WANTED” posters being glued around in Indian villages and cities close to the border. Their fault?. These kids left chasing the girls next door and decided to trek to Wagah just for the heck of it–may be to bake french fries gazing Indian koories (girls), who knows?. Can’t read young minds in this age of global village. But probably not having found daily wage to load/unload potatoes, onions and tomatoes at the border, they couldn’t wait I guess—can’t blame them–testosterone level’s high at their age–but now they’re in trouble unwittingly though.

The media blitz in Bharat announcing their existence and ‘wanted posters’ going up on their streets amuses me but abuses my sense of humor to the hilt. How on earth would these two kids be announcing they “have plans” by taking selfie and floating it on the social media? It’s a Turkey stuffed with paranoia on part of our neighbor’s intel community.

Back in the US a ‘neighborhood watch’ system pervades—any “stranger” or “person of interest” shows up in a neighborhood, makes some phones ring. Probably now that our neighbor is strategic ally of “my neighbor” albeit girl next door (USA) they have the “neighborhood watch” kind of system in place also. Guess what, most calls such a system would generate in my neighborhood would be from senior citizens and housewives.

I hate to judge, but it seems that could be one of the case with Hindustan’s reactiveness. Lot’s been happening there this week. Mumbai Attack anniversary, Elections fever with Modi sweating, Kashmir bloodshed oozing more blood daily, Sikhs crossing the border to Pakistan (their arch enemy neighbor who just won’t move or go away, etc., etc.) for Gurdwara and sat sri kal by Sidhu again–not to mention talks in Geneva for peace with the Taliban.

So while Sushma Swaraj decided a no show at Kartarpur, and two pretty female ministers (I’m told) are going to show up instead, our boys having showed up at Wagah is no good. Hey, move your a**e (butt) and come to Kartarpur–they’ll be here on 28th.

Two wrongs won’t make one right. We’re showing up on 28th. We would be one up on this. Now can we settle Kashmir please.

We’ can officially send these two boys and our Chief Justice as ‘ambassadors of friendship’, and would be willing to run the red carpet for those u wish to send  as log as they don’t sing the same old stories. We’ve a big heart.

As for the two boys. Remember we have been accommodating 2.5 million Afghan refugees, etc. for more than 3 decades and we never panicked and created mug shots out of selfies. These kids are neither refugees, nor asylum seekers nor human smugglers. They’re just kids. Look at their pics and their body language.

‘There’s nothing good or bad, thinking makes it so’. I tried with this while looking blank at her, and she said yes for a dance–not at the White House (Art Buchwald phrase)–but at the club. Next day I did get into trouble though at home ( (my South Block) , but we’re friends since then. She was my girl next door. Things work despite ‘Neighborhood Watch’!

(The writer is a business & construction consultant, analyst, and Editor-in-Chief of PKonweb, DesPardes and BE2C2 Report and presently based in Islamabad)

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