PhDs, graduates among 22,000 expats deported from Kuwait

Over the past eight months until August this year, Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has deported 22,000 expatriates for various reasons including those violating labor laws and criminals, and those who committed serious traffic violations.

Citing informed sources, Arab Times point out that the Ministry is currently pursuing 80,000 expatriates for violating the labor and residence laws, most of them are believed to be holed in residential and industrial areas, farms and livestock pens.

Informed sources told the paper that out of the 22,000 expats deported, 8,000 of them were found to be ‘unfit’ by the health authorities, a majority of them Arabs and most of them said to be suffering from Hepatitis and 10 were carriers of AIDS.

The sources pointed out that among the deportees were US and British citizens of Arab origin. Some of the deportees were holding Doctorate degrees and about 4,000 were university graduates.

Giving a breakdown of the deportees, the authorities said the Indian community topped the list with 24 percent, followed by the Egyptians, 23 percent, the Filipinos 14 percent, Ethiopians 13 percent, Sri Lankans seven and Bangladeshis six percent.

Foreigners continue to dominate Kuwait’s private sector despite government efforts to employ Kuwaitis.

According to reports, Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission has created 17,936 vacancies for Kuwaiti nationals in the public sector.

Recent statistics say that 345,100 Kuwaitis work in the public sector, representing 76.8 per cent of the total Kuwaiti labor force.

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