Sachu Khan Bugti, who was twice attacked by @BBugti’s men, & his friends playing melody of national anthem with Baloch musical instruments; Jun 22, 2017

Islamic teachings place a strong emphasis on charity. Here’s how American Muslims give back during Ramadan; Jun 21, 2017

Pak ambassador tp USA Aizaz Ch.welcomed guests at Inter-faith Iftar Dinner in Washington DC, to promote message of love, peace & hope during holy month of Ramadan. June 20, 2017

At Interfaith Iftar Dinner. Dr.Rajwant Singh, Chairman Sikh Council said Pakistan is a wonderful country where founders of Sikh religion were born. June 20, 2017

Keel Laying Ceremony held for another 32 Tons Bollard Pull Tug being built for Pakistan Navy at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works. June 20, 2017.