PTI Government Pursues Cases Against Anti-Pakistan Lobbies Abroad

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PKONWEB Report (Islamabad) — A transnational criminal network was operating from London in the guise of a political party and vigorously pursuing anti-Pakistan agenda among Pakistani diaspora in various countries using the British soil, according to briefings the cabinet recently received from the interior ministry.

The cabinet meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

While doing so with impunity, the culprits had also been openly approaching enemies of Pakistan for political, diplomatic and financial assistance. It was also informed that these activities had been a matter of concern for Pakistan as these elements had launched a campaign to malign and destabilize the country.

The meeting was informed that the past governments made efforts to counter these malicious activities through various legal cases in the UK but could not achieve the desired results due to perceived protection by the British authorities and lack of a mechanism to pursue these cases as per British law.

These cases under investigation in the UK include the Dr Imran Farooq murder case, a money laundering case, and an investigation regarding incitement of violence. The cabinet was informed that a British law firm, Guernica International, was hired to pursue these cases in the UK.

The cabinet directed the law ministry to give a briefing on the expenditure incurred so far on pursuing cases of national importance in foreign countries such as UK and USA.

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