Punjab Police Bust Two IPL Betting Rackets in Lahore

May 6, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — Police Lahore arrested several bookies on Friday for running gambling rackets and betting on the ongoing matches of Indian Premier League (IPL).

According to details as reported by local daily Pakistan Today, two suspected betting rackets were busted in separate areas of the Punjab provincial capital.

A police spokesperson informed media that one of the betting rackets was located within the vicinity of Sabzazar police station. During the raid, police arrested Zahid, alias Goga Butt, who had the previous record of similar crimes.

20 cases of gambling were already registered against Goga Butt and his acquaintances in various police stations of the city, the police officials said.

The earlier raid was conducted at Rehri Wala Chowk of Ichhra where the police took alleged bookie Zahid Hameed Gondal and his companions under custody for gambling charges.

Police said to have seized Rs255,000, laptops, mobiles, digital cable boxes, LED TVs, wireless sets, rifle, pistol and 60 bullets from the possession of the accused.

A number of IPL betting rackets were also raided across the border in India during the past few weeks since the beginning of the league’s season.

Recently, the Indian media reported that five people were arrested for allegedly running a gambling racket by betting on IPL matches in New Delhi.

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