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Putin Tells Russian Women They Can Date World Cup Tourists

JUN 14, 2018: Russian president Vladimir Putin has dismissed calls for Russian women to refrain from sleeping with World Cup tourists.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: ‘As for Russian women, they can, perhaps, decide it on their own. They are the best women in whole world.’

He was responding to a sex ban call by Communist MP Tamara Pletnyova, 70, who said she hoped women would not date visiting fans and get pregnant.

But as controversy raged over Pletnyova’s remarks, the deputy prime minister in Kaliningrad – where England play Belgium on 28 June – has suggested local women should be open to sleeping with foreigners.

Siberian-born Pletnyova, head of the Russian parliamentary family committee, said young women should ‘get something clear in their heads regarding foreigners’.

She warned that Russian women could end up raising mixed-race children on their own. She warned of repeat of ‘Children of the Olympics’ after 1980 Moscow games.

The term was used during the Soviet era to describe non-white children conceived at international events after relationships between Russian women and men from Africa, Latin America, or Asia. Many of the children faced discrimination.

Pletnyova warned Western men could ‘snatch’ babies from them and she urged Russian women have relationships with men from their own country.

TV presenter Yelena Khanga (pictured with her daughter) accused Pletnyova of making ‘immoral’ comments about mixed-race children

But Alexander Rolbinov, 53, deputy premier in Kaliningrad, accused Pletnyova of turning the clock back to Soviet times.

‘It reminded me of a phrase during a televised conference between the USSR and America,’ he said.

‘When asked about sex, (a Russian woman) said that we do not have sex in the Soviet Union.

‘But the heart wants what it wants. Love will surely come. And as for international marriages, in such families appear very beautiful children.’

Journalist and TV presenter Yelena Khanga accused Pletnyova of making ‘immoral’ comments about mixed-race children.

‘In the Soviet Union we had a policy of friendship between peoples,’ she said.

‘We can now laugh at the USSR as much as we like. But in the USSR it was forbidden and immoral to make such comments.’

‘I would like to look into her eyes and ask what confuses her in children of different races.

‘I can show her a photo of my daughter. Very beautiful girl. Maybe she will explain, why my daughter is worse than her daughter?

‘She has a daughter, apparently, of the same race with her husband. Now if she has at least one example of how my daughter is worse, then we will have a conversation.’

Inna Zhirkova, 28, wife of ex-Chelsea star Yuri Zhirkov, backed the call for a sex ban.

She said: ‘I totally agree that during the World Cup it is better not to have any sexual relations with foreigners. We are decent girls.’

Journalist and TV presenter Yelena Khanga accused Pletnyova of making ‘immoral’ comments about mixed-race children.

Inna was declared winner of an extraordinary contest by a Russian women’s online magazine to find the country’s ‘hottest’ WAG.

Inna – who has lived in London – strongly backed the MP, saying she only ever wanted a Russian husband.

But she admitted ‘people fall in love at first sight and it doesn’t depend on the nationality.

‘It is complicated for me to say, as I always dreamed about a Russian husband.

‘And I have Russian husband. I got married quite early.’

In the WAG contest run by Spletnik online magazine, also known as Russian Tatler, former Miss Kaliningrad Inna took first place.

The magazine said: ‘Our rating is dedicated to the hottest wives of the main squad of Team Russia.

‘They are all slender, attractive, hot and damn sexy. But only one of them will get top position.’

Second place went to high IQ Katerina Gerun, 31, a model, actress and chemist, wife of veteran goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.

Third was Olga Berezutskaya, 32, wife of CSKA defender Vasily Berezutski, a TV presenter and Russian champion in synchronised swimming

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