Riyadh Metro’s driverless railcars showcased for journalists, project on schedule for completion in 2019

BE2C2 Report — French company ALSTOM organized a visit for 40 journalists from around the world to its manufacturing plant in Poland to showcase Riyadh Metro’s rail cars production. The High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh awarded one of the three contracts to the world leader in integrated railway system for supplying 69 of the ordered.


Besides Alston, these driverless rail cars are being manufactured by two other world’s largest manufacturers: Siemens of Germany and Bombardier of Canada, ADA said on its website.

Alstom is is supplying railcars for three out of six lines.

The first 2-car trainset was shipped in January and the second one will arrive in Riyadh this month.

Officials from the High Commission for the Metro also held at a press conference at Alstom’s manufacturing facility.

“We are on schedule. We reached 48 percent completion and we believe the metro will start operating by early 2019 with no delay,” said Khalid Alhazani, director of the architectural project program and public affairs at Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA).


According Al-Hazzani, the Metro will contribute to the achievement of Saudi Vision 2030 goals through promotion of metropolitan economic infrastructure, and qualifying the capital to be one of three Saudi cities planned to be ranked among the world’s top 100 cities, which is also a goal of “Saudi Vision 2030”.

The Riyadh metro is the world’s largest turnkey metro project and cost $23 billion to develop six lines including 85 stations expanding over the city with 176 km. The turnkey system approach entails complete system capability, including signaling, electrification, trackwork and maintenance services.

Al Hazzani said the completed trains are under tests before being shipped to Riyadh.

He also referred that design of the train cars is people-friendly, caters to special needs, and takes into account compatibility with requirements of the city’s climate.

Journalists were given tour of the completed railcars. They explored their features such as the Audio-visual information systems, Communication, lighting and air conditioning systems, and the Safety and security systems.

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