Saudi and Pakistani Forces Drills ‘Kaseh 1’ Wraps Up; Saudi Ground Forces Arrive in Pak for Joint Military Exercise

The drills for “Kaseh 1” military exercise between Saudi Royal Land Forces and the Pakistani army concluded Thursday in the North-West Region of the Kingdom in the presence of Saudi Commander of the North-West Region, Major General Thafer bin Ali Al-Shehri, Commander Corps of Engineers of the Pakistan Army, Major General Mohammad Ajmal, Sneed Thaher Al-Muzaini, report Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The exercise commander from the Saudi side, Brigadier General Abdullah Manna Al-Amri, said that the “Kaseh 1” exercise was carried out to enhance the efficiency of engineers in irregular war on both sides and to unify the concepts and fighting operations that come within the framework of friendly relations and military cooperation between Saudi forces and the Pakistani army.

For his part, Commander of Corps of Engineers in Pakistan Army, Major General Mohammad Ajmal expressed his pride in participating in the exercise and said: “the Kingdom Saudi Arabia is our second home and we consider the Saudis as our brothers,” noting that the Pakistani army has
taken successful steps in the fight against terrorism.

At the conclusion of the exercise, the Saudi Commander of North-West Region emphasized the depth of the relations between the Kingdom and the
Islamic Republic of Pakistan, report Riyadh Daily quoting SPA.

Saudi Ground Forces Arrive in Pakistan for Joint Military Exercise

Saudi ground forces arrived in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan today to participate in the joint military exercise dubbed “Al-Samsam 6” to
take place early next week.

The drill is an extension of the training plans and programs of the Saudi armed forces prepared in advance to develop the combat skills of
officers and soldiers of the Kingdom’s armed forces so as to increase their level of combat readiness.

The exercise also aims at strengthening the regional cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, report SPA.

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