S Arabia keen to invest in China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Gwadar projects: Envoy

Irshad Salim — Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Ahmad Al Malkiy on Wednesday said his country is mulling to invest in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Gwadar port projects in Balochistan – Pakistan’s southwestern province along the Arabian sea shoreline, and few hundred miles southeast of the oil-rich Middle Eastern region and the strait of Hormuz shipping corridor.

While talking to state media in Pakistan capital Islamabad, the ambassador said that the CPEC is a huge project ($62 billion),which would create many investment opportunities, report The News.

CPEC is a key pillar of China’s One Belt, One Road (Obor) program expected to unleash over $1 trillion of Chinese investment in more than 62 countries on projects ranging from highways and power plants in Pakistan to railway lines in Thailand.

He further said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are fully engaged to strengthen and enhance their cooperation in military, economic and other sectors to benefit the people of both countries as they enjoy brotherly relations.

He said his mission in Pakistan is to provide support to its people as it is his second home.

While replying to a question, Nawaf said that Saudi government is making all-out efforts to facilitate Hujjaj (Hajj pilgrims) with best of everything, adding that more than 500,000 officials, volunteers, are deployed during Haj to serve the pilgrims.

The ambassador stressed that the Muslim Ummah should get united to overcome the challenges being faced by it.

He said that the unflinching friendship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia would be further strengthened in time to come through mutual trust, love and respect for each other.

The present Pakistani leadership will continue its efforts to build strong relations with Saudi Arabia, he added.

According to reports, a high-level delegation of Pakistan’s government will pay a visit to Beijing in August, where it will demonstrate to the Chinese side its continued and firm commitment toward CPEC despite leadership change.

With the dismissal of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on July 28 by Pakistan’s Supreme Court, eyebrows were raised about the future of the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Some media outlets ran stories questioning whether the government of Pakistan would adhere to the project without Sharif at the helm, reported The Diplomat in a recent news analysis, “Sharif’s Ouster Won’t Impact CPEC.”


  • tahir says:

    My sincere prayers that both Saudi Arabia & Pakistan relations be strong & Flurish with the wisdom & Vision H.E. Nawaf Al Malki supported by Royal Family’s as always been in the past. Welcome to your ” Balad althani” with mohabba wal ulfa.

  • Shakeel Silawat says:

    Good story .like it

    • tahir says:

      Dear not just story but you will see the difference. It is in line with kingdom’s vision 2030 & new Ambessidor’s willingness building/developing relationdhip.

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