Saudi delegation to visit Pakistan for exploring investment opportunities

In a separate development, Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) team visited Pakistan last month to study and review Pakistan’s Halal meat and meat products export to the Kingdom.

BE2C2 Report– A high-level Saudi Arabian group comprising ministers and heads of various divisions will visit Pakistan by the end of this month for exploring business prospects and investment opportunities in the country.

This was informed by Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan, Nawaf Saeed Al Malikiy in an exclusive interaction with APP in capital Islamabad on Friday.

During the forthcoming visit, the Saudi ministers will discuss areas of bilateral economic cooperation to further enhance trade and investment in Pakistan.

“There is no secret that one board is coming from KSA comprising different ministries and Saudi ministry of commerce to exchange ideas relating to investment opportunities in Pakistan in various projects like CPEC, Gawadar Port,” he said, giving some details of the visit.

The Saudi ambassador termed the developing scenario as a “good news” for both, as they will jointly move ahead.

He said the delegation would discuss specific features for investment in Pakistan.

He also mentioned that the cluster of ministers and heads from Saudi Arabia will share specific details about Pakistan’s participation in Saudi Vision 2030 which aims to attract global investments in the Kingdom.

“These groups are coming and will stay together to see how the two sides can further strengthen bilateral relations and enhance mutual cooperation in different fields including economy and energy sector,” said the ambassador, while elaborating the areas of bilateral interests.

On recent initiatives taken by the Saudi Crown Prince regarding economic reforms and anti-corruption campaign in KSA, the ambassador noted that the country will definitely opt for a better outlook, particularly with respect to Vision 2030.

Talking about historic brotherly relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the ambassador said that the basis of these ties was established 1400 years ago with the dawn of Islam.

“Now these ties have been reshaped into cooperation in economy, education, culture, sports and in many other fields, and Inshallah Pak-Saudia will strive to act and become as ‘one body’,” he said.

Pakistan meat export to the Kingdom

Can Pakistan grow muscle on meat exports?

In a separate development, Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) team visited Pakistan last month to study and review Pakistan’s Halal meat and meat products export to the Kingdom.

Dr. Amir Hussain, the Commercial Attache Pakistan Mission in Riyadh told BE2C2/PKonweb that his department took up with SFDA for delegating powers of registering companies to Government of Pakistan on the rationale that KSA government anyway undertakes thorough examination of arrived shipments on ports and clears only after satisfying themselves with the quality. “The Authority agreed to our request for giving us the powers after reviewing our laws, regulations and systems by thier technical team.”

The technical team on visit to Pakistan from 26th Oct to 3rd Nov held meetings with Pakistan Ministry of National Food Security and Research followed by visits to various meat establishments. “If the Saudi team is satisfied (which I hope they will, considering our efforts) they will recommend delegating powers which will be a big thing for us,” said Mr. Hussain.

Pakistan is making efforts to quickly respond to the demand gap created by the ban in March on 21 Brazilian meat companies. In 2016, Brazil exported about $4.3 billion of beef to the world. In contrast, Pakistan exported a grand total of $157 million of beef; this was after a “huge” growth of 16 percent in FY15 and 14 percent in FY16. Saudi market– biggest in the MENA region, provides ample opportunities for Pakistani halal meat supply chain, according to several experts.

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