Saudi Govt. Launch Office to Keep Up Corruption Fight, After $107B Recovery

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The total amount raised so far is $107 billion in cash, stock, real estate and other assets.

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia has launched a new office to monitor state spending, saying it would help keep up the fight against corruption after the closing of a 15-month crackdown, state media reported.

The financial reporting office would be part of the state’s General Auditing Bureau, which watches out for financial discrepancies, public prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb was quoted as saying on Monday by state news agency SPA.

“Corruption is not restricted to a specific company or government sector. The concerned authorities will be monitoring,” he said. Public prosecutors would handle any investigations, he added.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said last week that the crackdown launched in November 2017 – which netted scores of of the kingdom’s economic and political elite – had achieved its objectives.

The royal court said the operation had recovered more than $107 billion through settlements with scores of senior princes, ministers and top businessmen.

King Salman said at the time that the government would continue efforts to combat corruption and protect public funds.

Settlements were reached with 87 of those accused after they confessed.

Fifty-six people who were summoned under the anti-corruption campaign still face criminal charges, and eight others had declined settlement offers, the royal court has said.

King Salman has pledged that the Kingdom would “continue its efforts to preserve integrity, combat corruption, and empower law enforcement and other relevant state bodies so that they are able to effectively practice their role in preserving public funds,” reported Arab News.

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