Saudi Performer Sings Pakistani Song ‘Hey Jazba Janoon’ in Riyadh Concert (Video)

RIYADH (Nov 30, 2018): A Saudi Performer Ahmed Sultan drew admiration from Riyadh music lovers at the live concert of renowned Sufi singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (RFAK) when he said, “I love Pakistan, Do you love Pakistan’.

The young Saudi singer then sang Pakistani song “Hey Jazba Janoon, to Himmat Na Har” with amazing perfection and won the hearts of hundred amid a chorus of clapping from the audience.

Ahmed Sultan’s performance was followed by a thrilling live session by Ustad RFAK of Pakistani songs, sufic renderings and fusion music.

The show was organized by the Pakistani embassy in Saudi capital.

A Pakistani expat Saleem Rafiq also presented a lovely Arabic song at the concert to express his love for the Kingdom and its loving people.

Advisor to Saudi Media Minister H.E Fahim Al Hamid, Vice President GCA H.E Khalid Al Saqar and prominent dignitaries graced the event. H.E Fahim Al Hamid expressed his support for Cultural activities while addressing the jubilant audience.

In October, the Pak embassy screened ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ movie to a packed audience. I was the second Pakistani film screened in Saudi Arabia. Back in May, the Hareem Farooq – Ali Rehman Khan starrer Parchi had a private screening in the Kingdom and an MoU was signed between IHA Entertainment and Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Matab Bin Thenayan Bin Muhammad in Riyadh.

Recap of the RFAK live concert held on November 28:

More such shows are expected in the months ahead, sources tell PKonweb.

In September, audi Arabia and Pakistan agreed to show movies and TV shows produced in each other’s country. The two nations have signed a sort of cultural agreement which will have Saudi Arabia screening Pakistani movies and TV shows and Pakistan showing Saudi TV and movies.

Fawad Chadhry, federal minister for Information and Broadcasting in Pakistan, and Dr. Awad bin Saleh, who serves as Saudi Arabia’s information minister, finalized the arrangement between the two countries in Islamabad. They spoke about changes in media and media devices, including the ongoing transition from traditional media to new media, Arab News reported.

The two agreed to the pact in an attempt to promote social and cultural ties between their nations. By exposing citizens of their respective nations to each other’s films and TV shows, the two leaders hope to build upon the relations their nations already enjoy through religion and society. They also hope that by screening each other’s films and TV shows, citizens of their nations will be able to better understand each other.

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