Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal willing to invest in Afghanistan

BE2C2 Report — Prince Waleed bin Talal has shown keen interest in investing in Afghanistan, urging international companies to do business with the landlocked country.

During a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani, Waleed bin Talal discussed investment opportunities and infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, the Presidential Palace said quoted Al-Bilad English Daily online.

“I have conferred on investment opportunities with the Afghan finance minister and would implement my investment pledges. Some global companies are also interested in investments in Afghanistan,” Waleed bin Talal was quoted as saying.

The Saudi prince is chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, and owner of the lucrative Rotana corporation and has a share in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.  He has investments in several massive international companies including Twitter, Apple and Ebay.

The Afghan president hailed the likely investment from the Saudi royal family in Afghanistan and said Muslim countries should cooperate on poverty eradication. Muslims states should not become safe havens for terrorist, he added.

Ghani believed democracy was striking roots in the country and at the end of his term, democratic institutions would emerge stronger and power would be transferred smoothly to a new civilian administration.

The president conferred the Ghazi Amanullah Khan Medal on the visiting dignitary for his efforts to strengthen trade and diplomatic relation between the two brotherly countries.

The Saudi guest hailed Ghani’s hospitality and leadership.

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