Security Camera Captures Plane Crashing Into Mumbai Construction Site (Video)

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JUN 30, 2018: On Friday, a day after a chartered plane crashed in Mumbai, surveillance camera footage surfaced showing the aircraft smashing into a busy construction site.

The footage was recorded by a camera on a building across the street from the construction site. The video shows the King Air C90 plane crashing into the site’s steel girders and bursting into flames.

A teenager who lived nearby told Indian TV channel NDTV that “there was a big explosion sound and then we saw the fire.”

According to the media outlet, dozens of locals rushed from their homes and ran over to the crash site after hearing a loud bang. The fire caused by the plane spread over a roughly 50-meter radius.

Once investigators were able to examine the scene, it was determined that a total of five people had died in the accident — two pilots, two maintenance engineers and a man at the construction site. Flight crew were testing out the plane’s latest repairs when it crashed.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation said that the chartered plane did not a have certificate of airworthiness, reported Zee TV.

The aircraft, which had been grounded for the last nine years, was pulled from flight service after it skidded off a runway when landing in February 2008. Following the accident, India’s Uttar Pradesh government sold the plane in 2014 to a private owner.

According to the Times of India, the death toll might have been much higher had some 40 workers at the construction site not been away at lunch at the time of the crash. Other than the man killed, just three more construction workers were injured, and only slightly. All were treated by medical staff.

“We had a lucky escape as we were not present at the site as it was our lunch time,” Naresh Nishad, a site worker who sustained injuries to his face, told the Times. “Otherwise, we would have met the same fate.”

“I don’t know where the plane came from. I saw some burning pieces coming towards me and heard explosions,” he added.

The cause of the crash is still unknown.

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