SharpEye radar system ordered for second Pak submarine

Kelvin Hughes has received an order to supply the SharpEye radar system for the second submarine in the Pakistan Navy’s Agosta 90B class mid-life upgrade program, the company announced on 21 November.

Working with Turkish defence contractor STM, the main contractor for the refurbishment program, Kelvin Hughes will supply the SharpEye system in 2019. The radar set for the first submarine was ordered in February.

The upgrades are being performed at the Karachi Pakistan Naval Shipyard.

The SharpEye I-Band (X-Band) radar transceiver for submarines is built on a downmast transceiver located within the pressure hull and provides submarines – both in-service as a retrofit and new classes – a high performance solid state radar with similar capabilities to SharpEye radars installed on naval surface ships.

This downmast submarine radar solution makes use of the existing bulkhead infrastructure in the pressure hull, removing the need to replace the antenna mast system by utilizing the existing external antenna, rotational drive and waveguide connections.

(Shephard News Media)

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