Someone Found Out What Shoaib And Kohli Were Laughing Over After The Oval Match, And It’s Spot On

Pakistan outplayed India in the finals of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. It was kind of a shocking defeat for the defending champions, and the cricket maniacs displayed their anger on the social platforms. On the other side, players from both sides looked calm, composed after the match.

While the Indian team gracefully accepted their defeat, the green-shirts were elated with measured responses and jokes.

Kohli and Co cracked jokes with the Pakistani players during the match ceremony. Such bonding truly celebrates the spirit of cricket, wrote one cricket enthusiast on Twitter.

Though it was pretty hard to guess what they were talking about. But someone actually decoded it.

A YouTube Channel — 22 Yards, found out that these guys were laughing over a hilarious incident that happened in the past.

Watch that incident here on Video. It relates to a catch gaffe. Shoaib Malik recalls that funny catch drop to Virat Kohli…

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