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Pipelinistan: Russia’s $10B Offshore Pipeline Deal With Pakistan a Game Changer

IRSHAD SALIM (Jun 4, 2018) — Two energy projects are being called a game-changer for Pakistan as they will not only lead to meeting growing energy needs of the country but will also enhance regional trade, connectivity and economic integration leading to stability in the region infested with terror barons — Pakistan and Afghanistan remain two of the 5 most terror affected countries worldwide along with Iraq, Syria and Nigeria. One is the the $10 billion Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (Tapi) natural gas pipeline to connect South and CentralRead More

Asian Dev Bank Sees Afghan Need For Private Investment to Stimulate Recovery

The Asian Development Bank is supporting electric connections between three central Asian countries, a project that could be a net gain for Afghanistan. (BE2C2) — The Asian Development Bank–a potential energy player in the region, said Wednesday that Afghanistan needs more investments to stimulate recovery. The ADB expects the Afghan economy is stalled out at around 2.5 percent growth for gross domestic production through 2019. A “tenuous” political situation and tough security conditions are limiting growth. Full-year 2016 growth was 2.4 percent. Grants account for about half of the budgetRead More