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WhatsApp ‘Horrified’ Over Spate Of Lynchings In India, Promises Action

JUL 4, 2018: WhatsApp said on Wednesday it was “horrified” by a spate of lynchings in India sparked by false rumors shared on its platform as the government accused the messaging service of irresponsibility. The killings are linked to “irresponsible and explosive messages” on the platform, said the ministry of electronics. More than 20 people have been killed in mostly rural areas of India in the last two months, according to media reports, after rumors were spread on smartphones about child kidnappers, thieves and sexual predators. At least 16 mobRead More

Facebook Abandons Plans to Build Its Own Internet Drones

JUN 27, 2018 (BE2C2): Facebook announced it would be scrapping plans to develop its own flying Internet drones, an initiative that started four years ago. In a Tuesday blog post, the social network said work on Project Aquila, which was intended to bring Internet access to remote parts of the world by using gigantic drones running on solar power, would come to an end. Facebook said it had two successful full-scale test flights during the years spent working on the project and noted the initiative took lots of “trial andRead More

Why Govt. Wants to Tax Digital Giants Like Google, Facebook, Amazon On Earnings From Pakistan

“Money being repatriated from Pakistan (by tech giants) is higher than the quantum of foreign investment (flowing in)” May 8, 2018 (BE2C2) — Pakistan has proposed 5% tax on digital revenues earned by U.S. tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon from the country, while also moving to bring offshore-controlled companies in its tax ambit. The move if successful would also tax Chinese digital earnings from Pakistan– Ali Baba for instance — China’s biggest E-commerce site keen to make local presence it announced last month. The tax measures have beenRead More