Muslim Man Beaten to Death By Mob In India For “Killing a Cow”

In the past seven years, 86 per cent of 28 Indians who were killed in such cow-related violence were Muslims, and almost 97 per cent of these attacks have taken course after May 2014 when Modi’s BJP party came into power. May 22, 2018 (DESPARDES) — A Muslim man accused of killing a cow was […]

China Asks All Mosques To Hang National Flag In ‘Prominent Position’, Promote Spirit of Patriotism

The country is home to some 23 million Muslims, but restrictions on them are intensifying, particularly in the northwestern province of Xinjiang which is home to the mostly Muslim Uighur minority, where there are bans on beards and public prayers May 21, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — All Chinese mosques should raise the national flag to ‚Äúpromote […]